Behind the Artist

Hello ! My name is Monique Rowe , I've been wood burning for a little over 6 years now. I have always been involved with art since I was a kid . This medium stole my heart when I picked it up randomly years ago. Today it is my main medium I work with and adore. Please feel free to take a look around my shop !

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Acquired Taste

Thank you for stopping by my shop ! I hope you enjoy taking a peak at what makes me the happiest WOOD BURNING ART.

  • Arts Walks

    In the spring, summer and fall I enjoy participating in local Arts Walks in Morgantown , West Virginia . Being able to engage with the local townies gives me the opportunity to really get to know the community better and on a more personal level. I also love how you are able to network with other local artist and truly support each other. Whether you're a seasoned vendor or its your very first time you feel apart of something bigger.

  • Wood Burning Workshops

    Have you ever been interested in wood burning but didn't know where to start ? Well I am now offering beginners stage wood burning classes in Morgantown West Virginia at the Morgantown Art Bar and at the Art Co-Op. To inquire about classes please email me at or Private message me on my Instagram page @Tiger_lily24 .